About us

"Astra doors" since 1921 is a leading brand in the classic and modern door industry. In the 40,000 square meter factory, SPANISH traditions are deeply rooted. Designers and skilled personnel using advanced technologies support the production of a wide range of door types at various prices. A thin marketing network of authorized retailers, constantly informing about company news and market offers, professionally follows the sales of Astra doors in the SPANISH and foreign markets.
The SPANISH factory of doors Astra doors has been known since the beginning of the last century. For 100 years, the company has formed an attitude towards Astra doors as a work of art. Rich in its traditions, multiple winner of awards in various competitions, the company is one of the largest and leading manufacturers of astra doors for doors in SPAIN. The factory pays great attention to the development of new models and the selection of new materials, experimenting with the design of Astra doors and at the same time remaining true to the classics.
Company ASTRA DOORS - the largest manufacturer of interior doors in the SPANISH USA. «ASTRA DOORS» - a company with 100 years of history and tradition of hereditary SPANISH DOORS in the USA opens new modern production of interiorASTRA  DOORS, which is designed to meet the needs of consumers in Americanism qualitative element decoration of residential interiors.
Our products - for confident, creative, successful and modern people who appreciate comfort and quality of life. They follow fashion, a lot of work and travel, but love to go back to his house, where everything has to match their nature, be reasonable and comfortable. Brand ASTRA  DOORS help each of our clients to realize their dreams of home, self-actualization as the owner and creative personality, get inspiration for life, to dream